Launch Ceremony and Press Conference of DSET
The launch ceremony and press conference of DSET were initiated with opening speeches from the Premier of the Executive Yuan, Dr. Chien-Jen Chen; the Chairperson of the National Science and Technology Council, Dr. Tsung-Tsong Wu, and the Convener of the Advisory Committee of DSET, Dr. Dung-Sheng Chen
Premier of Executive Yuan, Dr. Chien-Jen Chen
Chairperson of the NSTC, Dr. Tsung-Tsong Wu
Convener of the Advisory Committee, Dr. Dung-Sheng Chen
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Press Release: Research Institute for Democracy, Society and Emerging Technology (DSET) 2024 Annual Forum – “Taiwan in Tech Geopolitics”

2024 / 6 / 27

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Representative Eun-ho Lee from the Korean Mission in Taipei visited the DSET

2024 / 5 / 15

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【2024 Semiconductor Forum】Taiwan and Japan: Semiconductor Cooperation Amid U.S.-China Rivalry

2024 / 4 / 23

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【2024 Semiconductor Forum】Roundtable Forum 1: NSTC-DSET API-IOG Taiwan-Japan Semiconductor Supply Chain and Economic Security Dialogue

2024 / 4 / 23

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【2024 Semiconductor Forum】Roundtable Forum 3: Japan-Taiwan Economic Security and Next-Generation Forum

2024 / 4 / 23

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【2024 Semiconductor Forum】Taiwan’s Semiconductor Industry and Economic Security: Balancing Challenges and Opportunities

2024 / 4 / 23

Our Vision

Emerging technologies are reshaping the world, bringing profound changes to the political, economic, and social landscapes. Mitigating negative impacts and guiding the use of technology to enhance societal well-being have become unavoidable contemporary issues. 

Organization and Tasks

Focusing on the public needs of democracy and society, we concentrate on policy issues arising from emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI) and semiconductors and promote the following three major tasks

Our Taskforces

The Research Institute for Democracy, Society, and Emerging Technology (DSET) is a newly established think tank under the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan R.O.C. since October 2023. It aims to serve as the leading national think tank in Taiwan with a future-oriented vision of science and technology policies that infuse and safeguard democratic values.

Our Team

The operation of the center is supervised by a director and two co-directors, leading a team of researchers with specialized expertise. This includes researchers with doctoral degrees, policy analysts with master’s degrees, and Taiwanese scholars abroad organized according to the task and theme.

Policy Research


Disinformation and Civil Defence: How Did Taiwan’s Civil Society Counter Foreign Information Manipulation?

作者:You-Hao Lai

2024 / 6 / 16


Assessing Interconnected Security and Socioeconomic objectives in the CHIPS Act Funding Conditions: How should Taiwan Respond?

作者:Ming-Yen Ho

2024 / 5 / 22

Artificial Intelligence

Potential Human Rights Violations in Risk Assessment of Artificial Intelligence Systems: Two Cases of Recidivism Prediction Tools

2024 / 2 / 29