Semiconductor Supply Chain Restructuring and Economic Security International Forum

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In the context of the global competition for technological supremacy between the US and China, the world is shifting towards a new paradigm termed the era of technology geopolitics. Unlike the horizontal division of labor that characterized the globalization era, the current semiconductor global supply chain is undergoing significant restructuring, driven by geopolitical factors. This is particularly true in Northeast Asia, where major semiconductor supplying countries like Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are facing immediate impacts. The intertwining of geopolitics with the progression of emerging technologies cannot be overlooked.

Geopolitics is crafting a new international framework, presenting both opportunities and challenges. In this environment, how can leading technology firms from Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea continue to play a pivotal role in the global semiconductor supply chain? How should national economic strategies and industrial policies adapt? How can governments respond to geopolitical shifts to further national interests and enhance security? Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are confronted with common geopolitical challenges, yet the new political opportunity structure also implies the potential for new modes of cooperation.

Through proactive engagement and dialogue, we can address geopolitical issues and foster collaboration across Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. This involves navigating the variables added by US-China competition that are altering the geopolitical landscape and ensuring the survival and growth of businesses; identifying win-win opportunities for R&D cooperation amid intense supply chain competition; maintaining a fair business environment essential for fair competition as countries invest in subsidy policies to boost domestic capacity; and addressing threats to economic and national security collectively, thereby establishing a reasonable regulatory framework and space for dialogue. Addressing these issues requires collaborative exploration by policy, academic, and industry sectors, with a critical role for Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea and their leadership on the global stage.

The National Science and Technology Council’s “Research Institute for Democracy, Society, and Emerging Technology (DSET)” is set to host the first “Semiconductor Supply Chain Restructuring and Economic Security” Taiwan-Japan-Korea International Forum on March 22, 2024 (Friday), at the Center for Public and Business Administration Education, NCCU. This event will bring together semiconductor policy and industry representatives, think tanks, and academic leaders from Japan and South Korea to Taiwan. At this critical juncture for global supply chain restructuring, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea will initiate key dialogues for the first time, outlining new prospects for the industry, national interests, and geopolitics.

Event Information

Date: March 22, 2024 (Friday), from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Location: A431 Conference Room, the Center for Public and Business Administration Education of National Chengchi University (187, Jinhua Street, Da’an District, Taipei City)

Advisor: National Science and Technology Council

Organizer: The Research Institute for Democracy, Society and Emerging Technology

Co-organizers: Institute of Geoeconomics, International House of Japan; Chinese National Association of Industry and Commerce; Taiwan Studies Center, National Chengchi University

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2024/03/19 (Tus.) 23:59。

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