Launch Ceremony and Press Conference of the DSET 

The National Science and Technology Council set up an Interdisciplinary Research Center with the National Chengchi University

Event Date: October 2, 2023.

The National Science and Technology Council has driven the Forward-Looking Scientific Research Platform project, within which the only research center primarily focused on humanities and social sciences was launched on October 2, 2023. This is the interdisciplinary, international, and intergenerational “Research Institute for Democracy, Society, and Emerging Technology” (DSET). The ceremony was attended by Premier Chen Chien-Jen, Chairman Wu Tsung-Tsong of the National Science and Technology Council, DSET convener and Distinguished Professor Chen Dung-Sheng from National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University President Li Tsai-Yen, and key think tank members including Dean Tu Wen-Ling and Deputy Dean Lien Hsien-Ming of NCCU’s International College of Innovation.

As a leading university in humanities and social sciences, National Chengchi University bears the responsibility of setting up this significant national policy think tank. With its solid foundation in humanities and social sciences research and a long-standing focus on inclusive and sustainable university social responsibility practices, combined with innovative interdisciplinary research developments in recent years, NCCU contributes to the development goals of this think tank. Tu Wen-Ling expressed that NCCU has long been committed to research in humanities and social sciences. How to make Taiwan’s academic achievements in humanity, democracy, sustainability, and inclusivity influential in the national development process is NCCU’s important mission in nurturing national governance elites. She stated, “Today, the national task entrusted to NCCU might seem like a heavy burden, but we are also eager to take on the challenge.”

In his speech, Premier Chen Chien-Jen emphasized that “technology is ultimately about humanity.” The global pandemic in recent years has made countries realize that technology cannot solve everything and needs to be combined with humanities to face the future. Wu Tsung-Tsong hopes that DSET can actively cooperate with domestic think tanks and strengthen international exchanges. This national-level think tank emphasizes the integration of humanistic and social care with an interdisciplinary comprehensive policy perspective to offer suggestions on the development of emerging technologies. Li Tsai-Yen believes that NCCU’s participation in the center’s establishment, taking on the work of “paving the way” for society, also demonstrates the foresight and importance of the school’s humanities and social sciences. NCCU has traditionally been a place for cultivating national government elites, forming a crucial talent foundation for the country’s sustainable development.

NCCU has spared no effort in promoting internationalization, frequently engaging in academic exchanges with international institutions to develop democratic alliances, which align with the center’s international orientation, emphasizing democratic settings and enhancing public welfare through technology development. This is conducive to expanding international academic research cooperation.

(This press release is also published on the National Chengchi University Campus News.)

During his speech, Premier Chen Chien-jen emphasized that technology cannot solve all problems and needs to be combined with humanities to face the future (Photography: NCCU Secretary Office).
Dean Du Wen-Ling of the School of Innovation and International College at NCCU stated that how to make academic achievements impactful is an important mission of NCCU (Photography: NCCU Secretary Office).
Group photo with attending officials, faculty, and distinguished guests (Photography: NCCU Secretary Office).
Photo of NCCU President Li Tsai-Yen with the NCCU team (Photography: NCCU Secretary Office).
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